Be a maker, not a doer

Lately I’ve realized that seeing work as a mere pile of work is damaging to both my morale and the quality of the work itself.
I have to show up, that’s for sure. Many eloquent cases have been made for the need to show up, even when you’re tired, especially when you don’t want to do it. And I believe it to be true.
But as much as possible, it is essential to go beyond the mere grind. Work should hold a creative vibe that will ensure its quality and purpose. This won’t always happen, but I believe it is as important as showing up, and not guaranteed by just showing up.
The challenge of work is twofold: showing up, and holding the vibe.
To remind myself of this, I say that I want to make things, not just do them. A thing well made has its own structure and perhaps life. A mere todo is formless and lifeless.
If whatever you’re working on feels like a mere doing, it might be a great idea to switch to something you can make. Or rather: if your work feels more like doing than making, change it.
Be a maker, not a doer.
Christopher Alexander said it best: Everything You Make Must Be a Being.