From 20% to 10% body fat: week 14 report

The fourteenth week of my 16-week challenge to drop from ~20% to 10% body fat has been one of solid progress.

I started following Matt Marshall’s Underground Fat Loss Program. It’s a 21 day program which neatly fits on the three remaining weeks I have left. The only differences between the program and what I set out to do are 1) keep on my workout routine, which is significantly more intense than what the program requires; and 2) allow myself 2500kcal (rather than the daily 1500kcal) on Friday, since that day I always go for a long run.

I sticked to the plan on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. On the other days, I went over by 500kcal each day, for a total of 2000kcal of overeating. If you told me that at the beginning of the week, I’d been very disappointed. In practice, I felt it wasn’t such a big deal. Perhaps I’m optimistic because I still noticed a significant leaning up. The weekly numbers won’t give that impression, but I estimate I lost about a kilo of fat during the last week. If that’s the case, I just need to keep it up for two more weeks.

Still, this upcoming week I’ll strive to stick to the program’s caloric ceiling more than last week.

Ongoing summary:

Will report again next week!