From 20% to 10% body fat: week 13 report

The thirteenth week of my 16-week challenge to drop from ~20% to 10% body fat has been one of stalled progress.

However, I did the week according to my plan: have a couple of lean days early in the week, and aim for maintenance for the rest. I had a friend visiting over and I knew that all the going out would make maintenance a feasible, if somewhat challenging, goal. It fortunately turned out to be like that.

For the upcoming three weeks I will follow Matt Marshall’s Underground Fat Loss Program. It’s a 21 day program which neatly fits on the three remaining weeks I have left. I will be strictly following the program’s dietary instructions, out of which the most important is to maintain a caloric ceiling of 1500kcal per day. That is what I’ll do for the next 21 days. My goal is to lose 3kg of fat in three weeks, and get to my goal of ~7kg of fat with an overall weight of 69-70kg. I will maintain my training regimen during these weeks, which should prevent muscle loss.

Ongoing summary:

Will report again next week!