New leanup experiment: the sauerup

I’ve been working for 3 1/2 years towards achieving and maintaing 10% body fat composition. In that period, I have mostly oscillated between 14 and 16%, reaching a (fleeting) minimum of 11% a couple of years ago – as well as highs of 20% after overly hedonistic vacations.

For the following two weeks, I am going to try a new system. It combines all the elements that have worked for me in the past, for both this goal and other habits on which I am more successful.

In summary, this is the plan:

I estimate that on lean days I will generate a deficit of 1800 to 2000 calories, which translates to 7200-8000 calories. This is about a kilo of fat, a remarkable achievement for four days of effort. If I can then maintain those gains losses during the week, that’s it. I am currently at ~15% and need to drop four kilos of fat to get to 10%.

There could be a lot that could go wrong. And yet, I’m excited to try this. I am sharing with you to create accountability, and in the rare (but not impossible) case that this is actually tenable and therefore useful to you.

Onwards and downwards!

Update: the experiment was a failure. Despite the beastly sodium intake of sauerkraut, it was still hard to stick to the plan and not add extra calories to dinner.