How I stopped hating code testing

Not long ago, I absolutely hated code testing. Most of the notions and practices generally associated with code testing made my blood boil. Here’s a list of them:

I don’t mind anyone thinking or practising any of the above – I really don’t. If you hold dear any or all of the ideas above, I will still love you, and I’ll gladly discuss them with you. What I hated was the idea of applying any of these things to my own code.
What I’ve learned, however, is that code testing is possible without subscribing to any of the above. Here’s how I do testing in my own libraries:

This approach to testing has made me enjoy testing. Since I embraced this approach, I found that:

There’s nothing new about this approach to testing and I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of people out there using this approach. The takeaway is that if you hate the commonly held beliefs and practices of code testing, that needn’t deter you from doing testing in your own way.