Why Redis is beautiful

It’s been now at least 12 (!) years that I’ve been using Redis. I still love it today as much as I loved it back then.

I find this remarkable. Precious few things, particularly *software* things, are able to hold one’s love. As much as I love nodejs, or javascript itself for that matter, I’m kinda looking forward to not having to use them in a few years. But Redis? Even if I were to use a *completely* new system, I’d need something exactly like what Redis provides.

What is so special about Redis? That’s what I want to explore here. And, as a maker of tools, what I want to understand, so I can get the tools that I make to be a bit more like Redis.

OK, things to love, in no particular order:

Now, there’s things I don’t like so much about Redis, some inherent to it, some that perhaps could have been avoided:

If I had to summarize what makes Redis so great:

Thank you again, antirez, for having built Redis; as well as to the community, for contributing to it and keeping it alive.