Notes on Roth – Breaking Free from Emotional Eating

I recently finished reading Geneen Roth’s Breaking Free from Emotional Eating. I found it in a very serendipitous way: I was curious about ultramarathons run in the Netherlands (where I live), and I came across Andrew Dasselaar. I found his magnificent book, Letting Go, where he details his journey of emotional healing and how we lost his excess weight while working through his emotional issues. As someone who always struggled with food and weight, I immediately got hooked by his journey. It also allowed me to understand that my struggles with food were not just about better dietary choices, a better eating system, or more willpower; rather, they reveal deeper emotional and spiritual issues that can only be worked directly. Food can be an addiction, a distraction, and also a way of giving ourselves comfort in the face of pain. His book, and Geneen Roth’s, put me on a path to work on my emotions, not just on a dietary plan.

It seems that Andrew was highly influenced by Geneen Roth’s book, so I turned to it. I found this book extremely eye opening and touching. If you also have issues with weight and are looking for something better than a new diet or plan, I highly, highly recommend you pick this book.

Here are my notes on the book:

I took a few (very few) notes while reading Andrew’s book. Here they are: