Instead of the news

During October-December 2015 I’ve been reading the news a lot, more than an hour each day on average. The main trigger of this was a national election in my home country, Argentina, which was arguably the most important election in 12 years.
The thing is, I don’t like reading the news. I know from experience than all those hours I spent reading different newspapers have been a waste of time: reading the news does not make me more informed about what’s going on, no matter how much I try to find quality information. It also doesn’t make up for good entertainment, nor it is inspiring. The greatest single problem with standard news outlets is not that they are biased – rather, that they are extremely shallow and their stories have no depth to it. I can deal with the bias, but not with the lack of dimension.
Yet, the answer to this can’t just be “close your browser and go back to work on important stuff”. It might be the answer 80% of the time, but there are a few times where I genuinely would like to read high quality info about what’s going on outside my bubble.
I don’t have time to solve this problem, so I’m just going to daydream what my ideal news source would look like: