My goals for 2020

The last time I shared my goals publicly was in 2017. It was an interesting experiment, although I didn’t manage to complete any of them. Eventually I did complete some of them. 2017 was a fertile failure which contained the seeds of most of the good work I’ve made since then.

Now, armed with the previous groundwork of habits I developed during 2017-2019, I’m publicly declaring my goals again for the upcoming year.

In many ways, I intend this year to be a completion of things I have been working on for years. Beyond these goals lie more challenging goals that I have longed for for most of my adult life (in case you’re wondering: a programming language, and a mathematical proof). The goals for 2020 will open the vistas for that future work that has been long coming.

The best part: these goals are utterly under my control. To use John Sonmez’s useful distinction, they are goals, not aspirations. All I have to do is to keep the pace and hold the vibe.

May you also have a challenging 2020, full of growth and adventure. Here’s to starting the decade with a bang!