From 20% to 10% body fat: week 6 report

(Posting late because my blog hosting was discontinued and it took me forever to get it back up)

The sixth week of my 16-week challenge to drop from ~20% to 10% body fat has been one of great progress.

I switched the lean days from ~600kcal to about ~750 or 800kcal, since the extra calories seemed to make a big psychological difference, particularly on long or stressful days. I then decided to do four or five lean days per week, rather than too.

I did 4 out of 4-5 lean days, and I maintained my caloric balance in the other 3 days. Realistically speaking, 4 lean days a week is more reasonable than 5, so I’ll stick with the lower number.

The downside of doing four lean days back to back is that it takes a very significant amount of daily mindshare.

Ongoing summary:

Will report again next week!