Failed leaning up experiment & new experiment

My three week experiment with fasting on Monday has been a complete failure. I was unable to fast any of the three Mondays. While I still strongly believe that fasting once a week is great for health, I’m not ready yet to tackle it, at least not with the mental tools currently at my disposal. The really hard part for me, it turns out, is to skip dinner.

I’ve decided to switch my leaning up strategy to match a leaning up protocol I did back in 2021 with good results. The reason I abandoned that experiment was that it was just too demanding. But it dawned on me that I can simply *halve* what I used to do, and that should still work well as long as I can stick to it. Back then I was still very focused on attaining the leanness goal as fast as possible, which ended up backfiring.

Back in 2021 I used to do four days straight (Monday-Thursday) where I only had whey protein and perhaps an apple or two per day. This worked wonders for leaning up, but it took a significant amount of mindshare. And there was usually a ton of overeating during the weekend, which was both unhealthy and counterproductive.

So the new leaning up protocol I will experiment with is very simple:

Here’s why I think this protocol might work:

I will consider the experiment a success only if 1) the difficulty of implementing and maintaining this habit is comparable to that I experience with other habits (for example, working out); 2) the leaning up takes place. If I cannot ease into the leaning up process, then there is something that needs to be changed (be it the leaning up protocol or my mental tools for implementing habits).

I will start this on the first week of 2023 and report again mid-February.